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Our Philosophy


We focus on treating the cause of  your problem and the reasons why your health got worse in the first place.

Our goal is to improve your body’s natural healing mechanism by looking for the cause of the symptoms and help your body heal itself and stay well.



You need someone who can quickly gain a deep understanding of what is affecting you. We do this by using a range of diagnostic tools.

Our diagnosis is based on:  a full case history and thorough clinical examination using orthopaedic and medical screening. Palpation (touch) and specialised postural and movement analysis which include sensitive motion testing of the spine which allows us to evaluate mechanical imbalance.

Secondary medical tests are rarely needed but may include X-ray, M.R.I. & blood analysis.



Each patient is individual which is why we treat each case completely independently.

Sometimes pain refers to a site which can appear unrelated. These are known as reflex points, and are normally evidence of problems coming from elsewhere. Knowing where to look is as important as the treatment itself. Our lengthy experience allows us not just to treat pain locally, but uncover and solve the underlying cause.

Only by treating and considering the body as a “whole” can we achieve, “effective” and “lasting results”.

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Where you can find us

We have three practices, just choose the one which is the most convenient for you to come and see us