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The Importance of Work Place Risk Assessment

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 employers must assess risks in the workplace. A work place risk assessment involves identifying hazards and deciding whether enough has been done to prevent harm to people.


5 Simple steps to take as an employer


1. Look for Hazards.
2. Decide who might be harmed.
3. Evaluate the risks.
4. Record the findings.
5. Review the assessment regularly (re-assess the changes made and any further potential work hazards).


Prevention is better than cure, so take these issues seriously, as they have been proven to reduce risk of work place injury. It is essential to turn that awareness and understanding into a commitment to take action to manage risks and improve your work place environment.


Clinical Assessments

Osteopaths at Glasgow City Osteopaths are experienced and experts in work related injuries and are trained in the awareness or work place ergonomics to help manage lower back pain, neck pain, or upper limb pain. It is important not to delay dealing with these issues as this can lead to further loss of productivity and prolonged disability.


Our clinical assessments help to clarify the diagnosis and level of work place injury, which then can be reported and communicated to line managers. This may provide more comprehensive guidelines for work station adjustments or modification to be made at work to avoid aggravating any medical condition.


We provide a range of clinical treatments to assist with the restoration of function, rehabilitation and prevention of further injury. We may then re-evaluate and monitor the condition to ensure the condition does not relapse.


It is important that the individual gets a sense of control over their pain and avoids deterioration in mental health. Treatments are based on a reduction of stress by attention to physical or psychological stresses, counselling, relaxation therapies and pain relief.


Contact us today to discuss a work place risk assessment for your company by calling 0141 370 1119.