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Osteopath Glasgow City Centre

How We Can Help You

– 17 years experience – Relieving your pain and getting you back to health, we always treat the “whole” you and help you achieve fast and long lasting results.


– Patient focus – Everybody is different and is treated with our unique approach; a combination of biochemical, nutritional and traditional osteopathic methods.


– Patient Tailored programme – We offer a programme that is focused on you. Your programme includes everything you need to get better and improve your health.


– More one- to-one time – Longer physical examination and treatment time gives us more opportunity to understand , diagnose and treat you.


– Latest Medical Technology – We continuously invest in the latest complimentary technology. Our equipment gives us an incredibly deep insight into your health problems allowing us to treat more effectively.


– First or last resort – Our patients achieve fantastic results even when we are their last resort!


– Quick results that last – Our patients feel significantly better after the first session and the majority are pain free after 3!


– Cost effective – Treatment starts from £40 or less, we strive to produce the best possible results in the least amount of sessions.


– Total care – From diagnosis to treatment, through to help with your posture, exercise and diet, we cover everything that you need to get well and stay well.


Don´t wait for problems to get worse, get advice and treatment quickly. Call us to get your health back on track.

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