MILTA Therapy | Glasgow City Osteopaths
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MILTA Therapy

milta machineHow does MILTA therapy help me?


  • Heals injuries faster
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Reduce muscular, tendon, ligament, disc and organ
  • Pain free and non-invasive treatment
  • Reach inaccessible areas of your body (MILTA can reach
    9cm into your body)


Glasgow City Osteopaths have used MILTA technology in the clinic for over 9 years with great success in the reduction in pain and healing time.


It is a painless process which is effective for injuries from tendonitis to disc injuries.  It is especially useful for reaching tissue otherwise inaccessible to standard Osteopathic treatment.


Your treatment session lasts around 20-30 mins and you can expect to feel the results within 1-3 sessions.


Courses of 12 sessions are available for more serious injuries.



How does it work?milta therapy


The MILTA is different  from standard infra red or laser´s because  it combines 4 different treatments simultaneously, they are:


  • Low level infra red laser
  • 8 powerful electro-magnets creating a constant circular magnetic field
  • Continual infra red monochrome emission
  • Pulsed infra red light


MILTA uses emitters  to stimulate your cells own repair actions without causing tissue disruption.



Who can benefit?


MILTA is safe for all ages from babies to the elderly. The strength, level and time of exposure is adapted individually to you and the condition being treated.