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Osteopathy For Children

osteopathy for childrenCommon problems in young children we can help with:


  • Recurrent chest infections and asthma
  • Recurrent ear infections that may lead
    to some hearing problems
  • Learning and behavioural difficulties



Problems with posture in adolescents


osteopathy procedure on a child

Carrying heavy school bags and increased use of computers can cause postural problems that may become more difficult to address as your child gets older.


What can I do as a parent to spot problems with posture?


Signs to look out for, which indicate an early problem with posture include:


  • Excessive slouching
  • Asymmetry in the shoulders (one shoulder
    higher or more forward)

  • Curvature of the spine
  • Feet turning in/out

Check your child’s shoes – do they wear out quickly on one side more than the other? This can also point towards postural imbalance.





The process of birth has quite an impact on your new baby.  We recommend that every new born has a session with a trained and experienced cranial osteopath to detect any mechanical disturbances as soon as possible.


We recommend a check up within the first  4-6 weeks as the cranial base begins to fuse and harden from three months onwards.


Our education included 2 years of paediatrics and cranial osteopathy, in addition to our post-graduate training.


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