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explanation of the spine

We treat your health very differently from other medical practitioners.


We look at your whole body and lifestyle when considering your symptoms, because it gives better and lasting results.


Once we have established the reason why you are in trouble, we quickly set to work to help to alleviate the problem and reduce your pain.


We use various hands-on manipulative techniques.   We always ensure that exam on the abdomenyou are comfortable with everything we do before during and after treatment.


The number of treatments required is specific to each person, injury and condition.  We will always inform and discuss our treatment plan  on your first consultation to make sure you understand the problem and how we are going to tackle it.


Once we have treated you, we offer you self-help advice: posture, relaxation techniques, exercises and dietary change in order to speed up your recovery.


Years of training and thousands of clinic treatment hours means that we are able to make an accurate diagnosis in a matter of minutes at the fraction of the cost of an MRI.


If the need arises additional diagnostic tests such as MRI or X-ray, can be recommended to reassure you that everything is thoroughly checked.


Our patients feel significantly better after the first session and the majority are pain free after three.