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SCIO Stress Therapy

What is SCIO?




Specific benefits shown in medical research of SCIO biofeedback therapy include:


  • Decreased pain, headaches
  • Ability to relax more quickly
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduction of stress, tenseness
    and nervousness
  • Improved general health and sense
    of wellbeing

  • Reduction of anger, fear, apprehension
    and gloominess
  • Heightened muscle mobility, coordination,
    flexibility and sport performance
  • Enhanced mental clarity, memory and
    improved attention


Common symptoms helped  by  SCIO therapy:


  • Stress, anxiety, tiredness
  • Generalised joint pain
  • Digestive problems: bloating,
    constipation, indigestion, IBS

  • Skin irritations and Intolerances
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Chronic fatigue



How does SCIO therapy work?


scio machine

The system uses five comfortable and completely painless straps with sensors that measure electro-dermal response in your wrists, ankles and forehead.


During the 5 minute scan we record a host of important information about your  bodies reaction to over 9,000 different frequencies.


Energetic and Chinese medicine works on the basis that any stress and subsequent illness causes disruption and  imbalance in the internal energetic fields. The SCIO therapy balances these ‘disruptions’ with electro-stimulation  to improve and restore vitality, providing  a feeling of wellness on a physical, chemical and emotional level.



When is SCIO Therapy right for me?


Where your pain is generalised and perhaps not suitable for Osteopathy alone we would suggest a SCIO Therapy scan to help us to identify your stressors.   We will work to reduce and eliminate these stressors so that you become relaxed, experience a sense of ‘wellbeing’ and ultimately have less generalised pain in your body.


The SCIO scan assesses:


  • Your hydration, acid-alkaline
    balance and stress levels
  • Food intolerance  and Allergies
    (analysing which are the most significant)
  • Meridian (Energetically state
    of the organs) and Chakra  assessment

  • Vitamin and Mineral levels
  • Enzyme and Amino acid levels
  • Toxins


SCIO Therapy methods possible are:


  • Stress reduction program
  • Anti-inflammatory program
  • Allergy reduction program
  • Digestive program
  • Electro acupuncture and
    Chakra therapy

  • Immune system boost for recurrent
    infections  (candida and viral)
  • Acid-alkaline Balancing
  • Memory and Concentration program
  • Reduction of food and sugar cravings



What happens on my first session with Sonja?






The SCIO device is only for stress detection and stress reduction in the body. It is not a medical diagnosis and does not replace conventional medical testing.