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Russell Dougall


BSc (hons) Ost, GOsC Registered, Nutrional Diploma
Qualified from the European School of Osteopathy 1999.

Russell has worked providing an Osteopathic service in private practice and large corporations such as BP and for the National Health Service NHS in the UK and internationally.


Russell is highly knowledgeable in the understanding of the biomechanics and diseases of the body. He is used to working alongside doctors, orthopaedic and neurological consultants. His diagnostic knowledge, clear communication and high level of skill, help his patients achieve the very best results.


Having completed a post-graduate diploma in nutritional medicine from the Thames Valley University, and continued to develop his skills through an additional 3 year post-graduate training scheme with the Superior School of Osteopathy, in Paris. Russell continues to pass on his skills and experience as a visiting university lecturer.


Russell´s approach relies on his sound biomechanical and medical knowledge which work well with his clinical experience.


Russell uses a range of soft tissue techniques, gentle spinal manipulation, cranial and functional release and the latest technology to correct the body. He advises on how to improve nutrition and enhance flexibility and strength to restore balance and stability after injury.


Russell enjoys all outdoor pursuits, from golf to sailing, cycling and swimming, when he manages to get time off from the clinic and his 3 children!

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Sonja van Kommer

Sonja van Kommer


BSc (hons) Ost, GOsC Registered, TBM practitioner, SCIO Practitioner.

Sonja qualified from the European School of Osteopathy 1999, before setting up practice in Spain 2002.

She treats using Structural and Cranial Osteopathy.


She also became interested in energetic medicine whilst studying TBM (Total Body Modification) in Europe, a form of applied kinesiology. This led her to pursue a more reliable way to test and assess the human body.


By using the latest electro-dermal computerised testing device she found a way to assess the energetic imbalances in your body with more depth and precision.


Mixing this know how with her post-graduate courses in applied nutrition, her approach relies on improving your inner health to make you feel better.


This technology used in the SCIO device has given Sonja the ability to provide a greater insight into your health problems and formulate a treatment plan to help de-stress and re-balance your body to achieve better results in even the most complex cases.


Sonja is a mother of 3 and when she has time she enjoys cycling, walking and all the fun things in life.

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